Values are an important part of many psychotherapies, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). When a person fails to live in accordance with their values, they will often feel unsatisfied. For example, someone who values their family very highly, yet spends little time with them, is unlikely to feel content.

Taking the time to explore one's values can help to illuminate facets of life that are over or under-attended to. This worksheet will guide you through the self-exploration of your values by asking questions about several topics, such as family, career, and spirituality. Each question is designed to get you thinking about what matters the most.

Values are the things in life that you feel are most important. While one person might value their family relationships above all else, another person might value their career. Everyone's values are different, and there's no "correct" set of values.

1. What are your ideal forms of recreation and relaxation?

2. Why are recreation and relaxation important to you?

3. Do you feel that you are contributing enough time and effort toward this area of your life? If  not, how would you like to improve?

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